The first parish in the United States established by the Benedictine Order

    100 Main Street * P.O. Box 447 * Carrolltown, PA.  * 15722 *  Phone: 814-344-6548



Father Michael Gabler O.S.B. Pastor

 Mission Statement

We the members of Saint Benedict Church, in union with our Pastoral staff, and our Holy Father, and together with the Church of Altoona-Johnstown,  

commit ourselves to the building up of the Kingdom of God in our personal lives, within our families, within our Faith Community, and in society as a whole.

We Join with one and other in prayer and public worship, in the practice of gracious hospitality, and in works of charity and mutual support.

Mindfull of the Lords care and loving concern for our common welfare, and with profound faith and great hope,

we strive to accomplish the tasks at hand and to meet the challenges of the future so that in all things God may be glorified.


Saint Benedict's
Roman Catholic
​  Carrolltown, PA


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